Chief Staff


Chief Mike Schmidt, Jr.

The department is under the leadership of Chief Mike Schmidt, Jr.(7101) Mike entered the department on January 1, 1981 and has been chief since 1999. Mike retired from the Louisville Division of Fire in 2005 as a captain after 20 years of service.

Deputy Chief Robert Storrie (7102) joined the department in 1973 as a "school boy" firefighter from Fern Creek High School. Robert was previously one of our assistant chiefs before being promoted to deputy chief in 2005.

Assistant Chief Dewayne Hutchens (7103) entered the department on March 16, 1993. He is responsible for all radio and communication repairs & technology. Dewayne was the safety officer before accepting his current position in May 2002.

Major Todd Newman (7104) also joined the department as a "school boy" firefighter in August 1983. Todd oversees all department-related safety issues (injuries, accidents, etc.)as one of our safety officers. He was promoted to this spot in 2007.

Major Tony Schmidt (7104) has been with the department since 1998. Tony shares the safety officer role with Todd. Tony oversees all health-related issues (NFPA compliance, physicals, etc.). He too was promoted in 2007.

Major Nathan Mulvey (7105) joined as an Explorer and has been with the department for over 21 years. Nathan was recently promoted to training officer and is responsible for planning and conducting all training sessions with the help of our instructors.