Every October, Fern Creek Fire likes to spread the message of fire and life safety

Our firefighters will visit schools sometimes to be help everyone in our community be aware of fire hazards and what to do in an emergency



Major Nathan Mulvey discusses common fire hazards while Firefighter Chris Kurtz dons his gear for a demonstration.

Sgt Kyle Adams and Firefighter Larry Huffman (not in picture) remove some tools for another demonstration.



Fern Creek Fire and the National Fire Protection Association want to keep your family fire safe

Enjoy the links below to various sites for games and information on important life safety tips


Be sure your home is safe!

Click on the logo above to download the NFPA's Fire Safety Checklist



Parents, get Sleepover safety tips at the site above!


Practice your Exit Drills!

Click for a Home Escape Plan







Kids, visit Sparky's Firehouse for more fun!




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